Company Profile

Company Inception:

Innovative Electrical Solutions Inc. was formed in 2005 to meet the ever increasing demand for technology utilized in production equipment, process environments, and a host of other specialized applications. Companies offering such services at the time seemed to cater to automotive manufacturing solely, making it difficult for other markets to get quality controls design and integration resources for reasonable prices. Envisioning this need in seemingly unreached markets, I.E.S. Inc. came up to bat with solutions that met budgets and brought a whole new level of smarts to unique equipment.

Present Endeavours:

Our most recent opportunities have included providing automation and electrical control upgrades to our local water / waste water Public Utilities Commission. Projects have included: VFD and Soft starter retrofits in pump stations, complete control panel replacements for older lift stations, and an involvement with a large scale SCADA system with an associate engineering firm.

As well, I.E.S. Inc. was able to move a complete machine line from New Brunswick to our local shop for the purpose of refurbishing the mechanical and electrical systems. It involved building new control panels and totally rewiring the stations to allow for plug and play assembly and disassembly. Old across the line motor starters were replaced by variable speed drives to allow for constant speed adjustments required for their process. We also added a remote monitoring feature allowing the customer to receive production information from their machine after it is relocated to Europe. It will also allow us to provide remote support if there are control issues. Mechanical upgrades included replacement of worn bearings or bushings, upgrading and replacing pneumatic systems, frame work fabrication and a paint job to make it look new.

Future Initiatives:

As I.E.S. Inc. moves forward, we see customers placing a large amount of value on monitoring assets that are remote in nature, or due to changes in manufacturing trends, require information from their equipment located around the globe. We have spent a great deal of effort testing and implementing devices to ensure reliable and secure methods of reporting or storing data and establishing communications. Radio and cellular solutions bring exciting options to wireless requirements. Handheld mobile devices open up new doors of being connected to your system wherever you go. Many other opportunities exist in the ability to tie multiple mobile or remote devices together with hardware and software tailored to the customers needs.

How will these systems and services benefit our customers? They will have a means of supporting and monitoring their critical systems remotely. They will have the ability of reviewing historical data, assisting them in making judgment calls on equipment preventive maintenance and causes of failure. They will experience reduced operating costs associated with routine inspections. They can determine inventory based on production information. In some cases, they can improve their control methods after reviewing data of their process or operation.


Innovative Electrical Solutions Inc. is not ashamed to admit that we can not do it all. Therefore, the need to assemble different resources and expertise have become crucial to offering our customers single source solutions. With so many existing systems and requirements out there, our customers need a service provider that can interface with their existing equipment, software and data bases, and/ or improve them. Certain applications may require electrical engineering services from a company registered with the Professional Engineers of Ontario. Other applications may require software development or custom database systems not available commercially. Our experienced associates bring all of that to the table and more! Our approach will assist you in identifying your best course of action, and help implement those resources accordingly.